Contactless payment is here

**This article is from 2019. Please check newcastletransport.info or contact us for the latest information**

From Monday 2 September, Newcastle Transport will have contactless payment technology fitted to our bus and ferry services, in addition to the existing contactless payment technology available on light rail services. This means you can now tap on and off using your credit card or linked device on Opal readers on all Newcastle Transport bus, ferry and light rail services.

If you tap with your credit or debit card you now receive the same fare and travel benefits of an Adult Opal card. You can also use your mobile wallet on your smartphone, tablet or wearable device that is linked to your American Express, Mastercard or Visa card.

Benefits include:

  • $2 discount for every transfer between modes (train, ferry, bus or light rail) as part of one journey.
  • Half price travel after eight paid journeys in a week.
  • Fares capped daily, weekly and on Sundays.
  • 30% discount on train fares outside peak times.

Note: contactless payments are not accepted for Newcastle Transport On Demand.