High Schools Tap On Competition

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High Schools Tap On Competition

This term, your school could win $1,000 just by encouraging students to tap on and tap off every time they catch the school bus!

Every time a student taps on and taps off between 14 August 2023 to 15 September 2023, your school increases its chance of winning. If you’re one of the fifteen high schools participating in the competition, here’s how you can win!

How to win:

  • Implement an ‘Opal card first’ boarding system – students who tap on get first choice of seat
  • Display our posters and share our graphics in your newsletter and social media pages.

What’s next?

A member of our team will drop off an information pack to your school from 7 August. From 14 August until 15 September, our team may also visit your school bus stop of an afternoon to educate students and hand out Opal pouches to those students using Opal cards. If you have any questions, please get in touch at contact@newcastletransport.info

Why tapping on is important:

  • It lets us know how many students are using a service
  • This helps us to plan better services for your school
  • It encourages the right behaviour early and encourages lifelong fare compliance, which really helps us and the community.

Terms and conditions



What is Newcastle Transport’s Fare Compliance School Campaign?

The campaign is based off a Transport for NSW pilot initiative to encourage school students with School Opal cards to tap on and tap off their cards every time they travel to and from school on public transport. 


Which schools are participating in the pilot?

Fifteen government and private high schools in the Newcastle area have been selected to be part of the campaign.


How did you select the schools participating in the pilot?

The schools have been selected based on a number of factors including size, geographic region and School Opal card usage.


How long is the campaign running for?

The campaign is running throughout school Term 3 of 2023. The competition dates are 14 August until 15 September.

How can we win the competition?
The school with the highest increase in tap on data over the competition period will win. Data will be analysed against an average school month (May 2023). 


What is going to happen after the campaign?

Newcastle Transport will analyse the results from the campaign to determine how effective it was in achieving higher compliance among school students. 


When will the winner be announced?

The winning school will be announced during the last week of Term 3, starting 18 September 2023.

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